Our goal is to make real estate investment management as boring as possible. Restated, we attempt to assume as little risk as possible in the pursuit of the targeted returns agreed with our clients for each and every fund strategy. When we do assume risk, which we must do to be active and productive in investing capital, our goal is to be sure that we get very well compensated for doing so. We are intensely focused on this risk/return tradeoff and we believe this focus and attention is directly responsible for the firm's exceptional track record of performance (low return dispersion and absolute returns) across several market cycles and several years to date. 

Our Senior Partners
Ric Lewis
Chief Exec & Chairman
Rui Tereso
Head of Portfolio & Asset Management
Ian Laming
Chief Operating Officer
Cameron Spry
Head of Investments
Simon Martin
Head of Research & Strategy
Ali Otmar
Yves Barthels
Funds Chief Operating Officer

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