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Do I need experience in real estate?

We look for candidates who have a demonstrable interest in real estate (either through academics, professional or personal experiences) and awareness of the real estate investment markets. Candidates do not need to have worked in the private equity real estate industry prior to applying but some relevant experience is helpful.


How advanced do my financial modelling skills need to be?

Modelling is a core skill for analysts at Tristan and maintaining and updating the model is one of their primary responsibilities. A good foundation knowledge of financial modelling is therefore required for all applicants and should your application be successful, part of the assessment process involves a modelling test. We also provide successful candidates with the opportunity to develop this skill when they first join Tristan and on an ongoing basis in order to develop their capabilities.


Are any languages a prerequisite?

As a pan-European investment manager operating across 20 markets, fluency in multiple European languages (including English) is preferred.


Where will I be based?

In our London office but there are opportunities for travel across Europe.


Is it a rotation programme?

No. This is a three-year structured programme, where analysts work across investments (equity and debt) and asset management simultaneously, with support and guidance from the programme manager. Upon successful completion of the three-year programme, we expect analysts to be well positioned to further their careers at Tristan.


Do I need a master's degree?

It is beneficial when people have a Master in Real Estate or a related discipline, but we encourage applicants from under and postgraduate courses.


When does the programme start?

It starts at the beginning of September each year.


What training is available at Tristan?

The primary training you will receive will be on the job but analysts are also enrolled into ‘Tristan College’, an internal programme which gives them the opportunity to hear from a range of internal and external presenters and to learn more about the processes underlying asset management, investments, tax and capital raising.

In light of recent changes to UK immigration for EU nationals, will Tristan provide visa sponsorship?

Yes, Tristan will sponsor EU nationals who are successful in the application process and who meet the government’s eligibility criteria. For more information on UK visa sponsorship see here.

Analyst Programme


Berkeley Square House (8th Floor) 
Berkeley Square, London W1J 6DB



T: +44 (0)20 3463 8900


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